How Do YouTubers Make Money? (And Other Questions We Have to Answer)
Answering the top 10 questions SVnamers get

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    Going to put this video link on a NFC card to share when asked the magic question.

    • mike listeral
      mike listeral

      gold diggers love youtubers. they can go on your channel and instantly know how much money you make by your subscriber count

    • Kiel Enrique
      Kiel Enrique

      big brain

    • Fear

      @F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ I’m depressed

    • Fear

      Galactic brain

    • cops and govern ment are gangstalkers
      cops and govern ment are gangstalkers

      how do you know the earth is а globe? that is revolving around the sun? have you been to space to look аt earth and verify what it reаlly is? have you proven thе shapе of the earth and heliocentriс thеory anyhow yourself? have you seen, felt, did it somehow anywhere anyhow manifested for you that the earth moves or spins?

  • Clarissa Explains It Yall
    Clarissa Explains It Yall

    As a micro “SVnamer” this was so awesome for you to cover! Valuable to the average audience and other creators.

  • Isaac Ghansah
    Isaac Ghansah

    Nah how much money you make is the number 1 question 😅

  • beatrice minayo
    beatrice minayo

    Hallo sir please kindly find one pixel for me thanks God bless you

  • Max Hughes Gray
    Max Hughes Gray

    Imagine studying Influencer Science in University.

  • Max Hughes Gray
    Max Hughes Gray

    I imagine Marques' onlyfans is just naked pictures of phones without any cases or D-Brand skins.

  • Max Hughes Gray
    Max Hughes Gray

    Man Marques' editing is always top notch, I love the mustachio Marques.

  • Hann Film
    Hann Film

    Senior Marques really rocking that 'stache

  • insPIre Math
    insPIre Math

    Come on, the seat is obvious

  • jlv3x

    Great informative video, to simplify the answer it seems to me you start off making video content about something you enjoy and with skill and a little luck someday you may be able to make money off of it.

  • Albasil Mubark
    Albasil Mubark

    in my online school we have something called film studies its all about video making, lighting, editing so it is prettey similar to youtube video making

  • bob1881

    0:18 This dude is nosy! lol

  • shapulke-debile

    shapulke-debile yt

  • Alien Encore
    Alien Encore

    If you aren't boycotting companies that run ads before videos you're doing it wrong.

  • Alien Encore
    Alien Encore

    "I make videos that are only popular because they're free."

  • Twashtra

    0:00 Ah Nothing just Jack Lockley picking up Steven Grant in a cab

  • Techademics

    I didn't even realise the mustache was changing until I read the comments lol

  • Tazboy

    Yo that stache....u are following that dude from hardware unboxing?

  • IbukunOluwa Shotubo
    IbukunOluwa Shotubo

    Marcus, where's the Skillshare link to the course? I was looking forward to it. 😊

  • 낑깡상하

    3:54 the laugh 😂

  • John M Flores
    John M Flores

    You are a treasure. And my fave NJ SVnamer.

  • MaeStrO

    The amount of money you've saved me on tech just by watching your reviews is pretty significant. Keep it up!

  • Derrik

    I think saying a SVnamer is someone who uploads videos on you is a perfect description. I know there is a lot happening in the background but it's the same with other jobs. An athlete doesn't just play football or runs for 100m there is training, analysis, mental training...

  • Party Quest
    Party Quest

    all my life i wanted to be a youtuber, discovered youtube in 2005, and made account in 2006 and use it ever since... but 15 years later, im still nobody here. got NOWHERE, i think i should give up already. after the corona, i need a new 8 to 5 job.

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    This guy seems like the nicest guy in the world

  • Cx Theproducer
    Cx Theproducer

    I’m gonna support you brother always because you bring a tech perspective that I identify with.

  • eric

    you do a good job as a youtuber

  • Rufaro Kembo
    Rufaro Kembo

    As a "SVnamer" Isn't it a little ironic sending a youtube video link explaining what you do for a living To someone asking what you do for a living

  • Shelnes Elie
    Shelnes Elie

    Excellent video Marques.

  • L3G3ND

    There’s no top 10 without “HOW MUCH do you make?

  • Zinolee Moses
    Zinolee Moses

    So Marquez, is it when the viewers viewed the ads that when you will get paid or not?

  • ConsumerVu

    I enjoy making SVname videos. I'm only 35 videos in & just starting to make money but I think MBKHD is one of the best if not the best. I review consumer products.

  • Declan Morgan
    Declan Morgan

    Bro got into the Uber without checking it was got him

  • Lhex Luthor
    Lhex Luthor

    Don’t try to put it fancy, just because it get famous. Be thankful to the watchers and keep interesting.

  • Brian Willis
    Brian Willis

    Thank you so much for this

  • Jndragoo

    Anyone else just glance at the thumbnail and think it’s a video about subway 😂

  • Vik S
    Vik S

    I like the clarity in your thinking and speech. You're very articulate.

  • Josh Peterson
    Josh Peterson

    Man I hope you go back on Rogan sometime. One of the best sleeper JRE episodes.

  • Josh Peterson
    Josh Peterson

    SVnamers always stumble through the question of "Should I become a SVnamer?" (often giving bad advice), but your professional sports analogy is the best I've heard by far.

  • Bobby Solanki
    Bobby Solanki

    awesome vid, thank you


    As I see, there is one thing that makes you best basketball player (tech youtuber) on the planet. You are a good person. It can be seen from your jests, mimics, your minimalism, your talk and your eyes, even from Turkey. Wish you were in Turkey. I would really like to meet you as an MD. Loves from İstanbul.

  • hassanposts

    This video is also about making fun of mustaches with each question? 😅

  • PrNet

    "I edit videos for Google"

  • Yu Cabo
    Yu Cabo


  • Lindsey Sands
    Lindsey Sands

    This may have sparked an interest. After hearing the logistics of it all, I can relate. I work in IT and spend so much time explaining products and services to people who have no clue as the consumer. I have to have a knowledge of operating systems and software solutions but I also have to understand different types of devices: legacy and current. I really believe this is something I could do. Thanks MKB, this one also lets us into your mind and everyday life. Thanks for sharing, this was cool!

  • Supremacy Empire entertainment
    Supremacy Empire entertainment

    How much do I need to start making SVname videos.?

  • Nice Try Bro
    Nice Try Bro

    LOL that intro was Great

  • Rule

    Well done for explaining Embargo

  • amit shukla
    amit shukla

    Being a youtuber yourself do you follow any other youtuber, if yes whom?

  • T E K K E N P I R A T E
    T E K K E N P I R A T E

    Yo i know this Uber man yooo ... that’s Sean

  • Harri Nonah
    Harri Nonah

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  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    I'm pretty sure you have the youtube thing pretty figured out if you're able to train on the side, go to the gym, have a life out side of youtube.. Videos can be show in a day, edited in another.. I'd say that with the help of a few people, you can spit out 2-3 videos a week without killing yourself. But if you're LTT, you produce like.. 2 videos a day? And that takes 20 people. So.. yeah

  • John Ashton
    John Ashton

    Excellent! Thank you.

  • Terry Bryk
    Terry Bryk

    Thank U Marques for helping me understand how U tube works......God bless......bye now

  • Denny Roman
    Denny Roman

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  • Marie Hannah
    Marie Hannah

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  • Nelson Munoz
    Nelson Munoz

    You are the best. Smooth and techy in the same sentence. You set the standard. Thank you for just being you.

  • Omar Abid
    Omar Abid

    13:25 God Bless ya MKBHD! 🔺

  • IncomeTube

    The first 29 second got me Dead

  • Vijay Talari
    Vijay Talari

    Legend of the game☝️

  • Yadukrishnan P
    Yadukrishnan P

    How about a video on Google and its upcoming products: 1. Google Pixel 6/XL 2. Google Pixel Fold 3. Google Pixel Roll 4. Google Pixel Watch 5. Google Pixel 5a 6. Google Pixelbook 7. Whitechapel/GS101 8. Android 12 9. Fuchsia OS 10. Google Pixel Buds A/3 come on, please!

  • sampath acharya
    sampath acharya

    Love from india ..

  • Jacob

    do creators see any of the money from the youtube premium subscriptions?

  • wobedraggled

    Marques OF? Untapped Market?

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino

    I use ADBLOCK so nobody makes a dime off me. SVname doesn't make money when you use ad block. Why people would watch commercials when you can watch it commercial free with Ad Block is beyond me. I just watch your videos Marcus because you are the authority. Your Tech Videos are the best bar none! I owe you lunch man.

  • Ag3nt0fCha0s

    You said OnlyFans. Now you have to start one! You can collab. With MrWhoseTheBoss. Your audience demandeth! Comply!


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  • Munmun Senmitra
    Munmun Senmitra

    Options look like KBC options

  • Yuv Boghani
    Yuv Boghani

    He has made the literal best ad in the world, FOR HIS SKILLSHARE!

  • Fadil

    Will you guys help me reach a 1000 followers on Instagram? @_sober_slap_

  • Michael M
    Michael M

    Big respect for you!💙

  • Michael Damiani
    Michael Damiani

    I just got rid of my long term HEPATITIS B disease. I’ve been diagnosed with the HEPATITIS B disease for 3 years, but I was recently cured from it completely!. With the help of Dr IGUDIA on SVname with his herbal medicine I’m so excited. There’s truly a cure to Herpes Virus. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his SVname channel

  • Sights of Cy
    Sights of Cy

    You’re always awesome Marques 💙🙌🏼👑 What do you mean? YOU ARE very INTERESTING 😍

  • blurdreamer

    let see Who love to have Marques on OnlyFans? XD

  • Charlie Cabanlit
    Charlie Cabanlit

    I'd rather pay this guy for giving me advise about SVname than those rampant number of Fake Gurus out there that steals your money for useless lessons

  • Jazween A
    Jazween A

    Me literally seeing Marques Brownlees's Mustache for first time! when you gonna grow natural Mustache?

  • Nandhis Chinnathambi
    Nandhis Chinnathambi

    Hmmm... I'm a SVnamer too....

  • Web Dev Academy
    Web Dev Academy

    Who want to be yotuber register now


    Hey …. Where is the video you were pointing to Marques ?

  • Mark pious
    Mark pious

    I love your content ❤️❤️. keep it up. my role model

  • Vasil Blagoev
    Vasil Blagoev

    Great video man, give yourself little more credit, there is a reason i watch YOUR videos.

  • Johny Ludvigsson
    Johny Ludvigsson

    The mustache(a) tough! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ivan

    You’re not just a “SVnamer” you’re a business person

  • Mir Asad Alam
    Mir Asad Alam

    3:44 i don't do that 😂😂

  • Marius Koen
    Marius Koen

    13:25 Thats why I love this guy and his channel.

  • Rasheed Hashem
    Rasheed Hashem

    Wow this is really good

  • Charlie Hustle
    Charlie Hustle

    The driver looks just like Marques. Jkg😂 Marques is #1, always giving great content. Stay blessed ✊🏾☝🏾🙏🏾

  • Vincent M.
    Vincent M.

    Awesome video, it came out great!

  • Bruce Iler
    Bruce Iler

    Your video’s are all well thought out and very interesting … and your personality works well … wish you lots of luck in your endeavors… with what your doing you’ll always have something to talk about … I like your creativity!!

  • Florian Busch
    Florian Busch

    You're just on another level! Video 12/10

  • Ernoburger

    I want moustached Marques to review more things.

  • sky watcher
    sky watcher

    they forgot one question . how much money do you earn ?

  • Sounds Light
    Sounds Light

    I watched your Studio Channel launch video before this and it was a revelation. I started thinking about all it takes to put up a successful channel. It made me wonder about the revenue side of it and I came up with a figure. I was lucky that I bumped into this right after and many of my questions answered, clarified and verified. Thank the team for the job you do well day in day out and god bless

  • FinotheGeek

    will make it out one day 😀👍

  • Zutraxi

    So the number one job young people aspire to is a job, that requires no training no education.. Queue Tik tok houses. How do we reverse that trend. Being a SVnamer is a job, but the bar for entry is low, all you need is a phone. I don't hate on youtube as a job, I dislike and it sends shivers down my spine that what people aspire to be is "social influencer". The world will truly become American horror story.

  • Rodrigues Daunston Milosh
    Rodrigues Daunston Milosh

    Why is Lupin driving the car 🌝

  • Pickle Nose
    Pickle Nose

    didn't answer most frequently asked question: how much do u make annually on average?

    • 5ANA

      That’s private information dude

    • Melvin Torres
      Melvin Torres

      I feel like nobody should have to say how much money they make to strangers, or even his fans online. Always keep the business private

  • Aayush. Reg
    Aayush. Reg

    4:26 Mrwhosetheuncle but American

  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra


  • Ha1frican

    I know you don’t want get into things like taxes and payroll and all that but I’d love a series that’s more in depth specifically for aspiring creators. A lot of these things aren’t really talked about and I’m sure some of us would appreciate a more in depth look behind the curtian