Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!
Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions:

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  • Marco M
    Marco M

    you will be able to power your iron to press shirts on the go.

  • oscar

    Really love all of your videos and I've been a fan for a long time - but please, can just add the conversion to 'km' and 'kg' units? Don't know how many of your followers are outside of the US, but I imagine a whole lot. Thanks for your greatness!

  • Chase Noorda
    Chase Noorda

    Awesome video, keep it up

  • Cep

    Other...Waiting for Hilux electric 😂

  • Govanification

    70,000 reservations at $50,000 each is a cool $3.5B income for Ford. I have no idea what it costs to develop a new vehicle like this but hopefully a lot less than that!

  • georgianborat


  • Paul Hoskin
    Paul Hoskin

    Having seen both trucks on your videos, I would have the Ford F-150 Lightning. Dry impressive video. Thanks.

  • Buju7777

    I'm not a truck person. I just don't like them. So I'm gonna go with Cybertruck, only because its a Tesla :D

  • Leaf Lover
    Leaf Lover

    Hope Ford dealerships actually carry these.

  • Gary Manley
    Gary Manley

    In electric motors, torque is not 100% constant throughout. As the RPMs increase torque begins to fall off due to slip and back EMF. This is why you see today's supercars give the best of both worlds.

  • Tint Factory
    Tint Factory

    Nosegaiting! Tail/Nose

  • Tos

    I'm really looking forward to owning one of these. By my calculation, I'll only need to charge up once every two weeks if I don't use it to power any tools and my work schedule remains the same

  • Beun007

    F-150 wins because it's familiar to what people are already used to for years.

  • Mar Li
    Mar Li

    Ford killed Tesla with this truck.


    I didn't realize how much of a sucker I am for this stuff until this very moment. I want this truck.

  • Rick Barton
    Rick Barton

    14.4M subscribers.. iron your shirts bro!

  • ThePointSilver

    Very cool truck car 😎🚦👌

  • Glock42

    Show me, how this truck performs better than the gas ⛽ version! instead of just trying to honey dick me into buying this electric brick for work!😒 got a feeling it sucks in mud! I want to know how much abuse this thing can really take before it gives up on me. I can care less about cup holders and tail gate parties 🥳🎉. I think we need (streetspeed717 )to thoroughly test this thing out first before we can give it a pass! 🤔

  • Arthur

    Cybertruck is same price

  • K Singh
    K Singh

    First thing id do is replace those wheels. But otherwise looks amazing and i got my deposit down for one

  • FpsStang

    I have a reservation.

  • Jeremy Hargrove
    Jeremy Hargrove

    I like the Tesla Cybertruck. This Ford Lightning Truck is pretty cool too. Thanks @Marques Brownlee for giving us your impressions on the Ford Lightning Truck. Peace!

  • Joseph Felice
    Joseph Felice

    How long to recharge?

  • MrWatson2001

    I may have missed it but are both versions AWD?

  • Disciple of Ole
    Disciple of Ole

    Ford loses money everytime they build one of these...they're producing every electric vehicle at a loss. So is GM.

  • Ethan Noel
    Ethan Noel

    The fact that you can get a low-optioned version of this truck for cheaper than a LR-AWD Model 3 and have just as much range is crazy to me. Plus, Ford still has EV tax credits for new buyers unlike GM and Tesla.

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia

    WOW! I am sold! This will be my next vehicle!

  • Alan C137
    Alan C137

    This truck really will be a game changer. With GM, VW and Ford now taking the segment seriously and committing to a true investment in EV's, the conversion of the overall market is really going to accelerate.

  • Adam Estela
    Adam Estela

    This could have so many PS2's. Can we get Xzibit and West Coast Customs in here please?

  • Armadas Interceptor
    Armadas Interceptor

    I don’t even need a truck, but I would get that shit for the hell of it.

  • callmebigpapa

    No range anxiety with this or any other modern electric vehicle as the average daily drive in America is 29.2 miles per day. If you are going on a road trip ....just rent then if you have a breakdown it is not your problem. I would like one of these and a Cybertruck too :)

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik
    Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Looks nice, but I’d rather have my car go vroom vroom

  • Vinny Sivaraman
    Vinny Sivaraman

    Thank you. This is super helpful. I loved the front trunk and option to tuck the gear shift down into its own compartment and expand working area for laptops with a super accessible power outlet. OMG and it can even power you house during an outage. Wow!!!!!

  • Neutron ⭐️
    Neutron ⭐️

    Again…”im not a truck person” Me neither but enjoyed the video

  • Wally Sparks
    Wally Sparks

    The Elon Musk Effect

  • Joel Diaz
    Joel Diaz

    I think this is the cyber truck the real f150 fans will love to get. Thanks for the video.

  • LLC.

    You telling me I have 2 pay almost 10,000 dollars to get 70 more miles ?? 🤣🤣

  • Buckdodgers1906

    I'm really impressed with this truck!!!!

  • Johnnyc56

    “In the event of a power outage” cough cough Texas

  • TheCambra

    This dude

  • Teyib Mhd
    Teyib Mhd

    Elon Musk should take note

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    the F150 gas is an awesome truck, however, if the features presented is as advertised, most definitely, Ford over Tesla

  • Tyrone Mount
    Tyrone Mount

    F150 LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Gurr
    Tim Gurr

    The Cyber Truck appearance is too futuristic for me. The F-150 looks like a typical truck and to me a more appealing appearance. Overall, it has some great features. Really need to understand “real” capability versus “calculated” capability. Recharging on long trips is a concern for all EV’s. For normal everyday use for reasonable driving distances (50 miles to work), 300 mile range is OK, especially if one has a charging station at home.

  • Firzen9000

    Cyber truck all the way!

  • Arun Krishna
    Arun Krishna

    When the screen went to sleep 10:10 😄😄

  • Jose Carreon JR
    Jose Carreon JR

    Too expensive..need to be in the 30 to 40 range for long range model

  • hot muMbo Jumbo
    hot muMbo Jumbo

    Cyber truck baby

  • Astraldragon Gaming
    Astraldragon Gaming

    I would for sure buy the lightning, hope they come out to Oz when they release it

  • M Mullen
    M Mullen

    I would rather have one example of $69,000 Cybertruck Tri-motor badassery than get two boring F-150 Platinum Lighting for the $92,000 price of one. That's how much better of a value the Cybertruck is!

  • Darren Moyer
    Darren Moyer

    my phone battery only last about 3 years. How long does this battery last before it expands? Gas engines dont have to be replaced after 3 years but im sure the battery last a lot longer than 3 years. Im sure the cost is HUGE! 25 grand? I wonder if Louis can replace it?

  • Oscar

    Traditional steam iron review comming soon.

  • karol olczyk
    karol olczyk

    Guys, improve your video stabilization while shooting outside

  • Amos Soma
    Amos Soma

    Ford will sell these things faster than they can build them.


    + Wow. I love it.

  • Giorgi Laluashvili
    Giorgi Laluashvili


  • Tjx 999
    Tjx 999

    If your truck is plugged into your house and your house is running off your truck. Is that just power cycling at that point

  • Bradley Scott
    Bradley Scott

    Not front gating.... "LET'S GO FRUNKING!" 😂🤣

  • Greg Morris
    Greg Morris

    My only question is where do you pour in the wiper fluid?

  • rnsmith2003

    Hope they come out with an electric Ford Explorer soon. Thanks for the info. 😁

  • Andelu Uledna
    Andelu Uledna

    It’s good to see more competitors in the EV market. Tesla might have gotten the technology and eventually full self driving etc, but that’s only to satisfy one group of people (which is probably majority). They have cybertruck, which is really cool imo, but a lot of people don’t care about how cool it is, instead, how useful, or how functional it is. This electric F150 is definitely fulfilling the need of this group of people. Which is good because if it’s sold well, Tesla might have to rethink and improve their vehicles as well. Same goes to luxury sedans, like the Mercedes, Porsche, and more, the interiors of those electric cars are just amazing and a joy to sit in. Which might get Tesla to pay some more attention to the quality of the interiors as well.

  • The End
    The End

    No discussion about driving features? Interior?

  • iceman 1181
    iceman 1181

    Bummer ev

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson

    Who's going to be the first to lift this thing up to the sky 🤣

  • FonixFire

    Honestly wish they would put a small generator in it for backup.

  • François Normandin
    François Normandin

    For construction worker/truck lover the f-150 seem more attractive that the cybertruck, but for transport of goods (shipping) and durability/tech the cybertruck seem superior. I ordered the cybertruck like it a big SUV full of possibility.

  • Milires

    This truck is perfect for camping trips

  • Håvard Hardy Jørgensen
    Håvard Hardy Jørgensen

    there is not many F150 around in Norway. but there will be when that get available

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    At Least you can fix your Ford Nobody can fix Teslas Only the Dealership

  • Valleyberg

    If anything is a "Tesla killer", it's this.

    • FriendRepellant

      @heavypizza ams that delusion is?

    • heavypizza

      @Adam Adam i drink the tears of doge-idiots

    • heavypizza

      @FriendRepellant pathetic nonsense that kind of delusion will leave you penniless.

    • heavypizza

      @Thomas Juniardi will it be able to drive on the moon or mars? no..cybertruck can.

    • heavypizza

      hahahahahahaha!!!! this is a Tesla victim. get it right.

  • David WS
    David WS

    The Vehicle to Load will be a great for landscaping companies that wants to use full battery powered tools like weedeaters, edgers, trimming tools, chain saws and even battery powered mowers.

  • Brent Solo
    Brent Solo

    Lol did you set up tools and a ladder behind you bc you’re reviewing a truck

  • William Storey
    William Storey

    I would rather the cybertruck hands down. But since it looks like the Ford will best it to market I’m going to buy the lightning then trade in for cybertruck when it’s ready

  • Shafiul Alam
    Shafiul Alam

    Multimillionaire tech reviewer wears an unironed turquoise t-shirt.

  • Ben Tupper
    Ben Tupper

    Does the truck power an iron… to iron one’s clothes? A thought.

  • Flyn S. Latif
    Flyn S. Latif

    for the price & features seems like the closest thing to a cybertruck deal without having to be a The Cybertruck Guy

  • Kip Fleming
    Kip Fleming

    F150 for me. Not that I could ever have enough cash to drop on it but hey. A boy can dream I guess

  • Humberto Vazquez
    Humberto Vazquez


  • Matt Neil
    Matt Neil

    That Dewalt drill is poverty

  • ryan lee
    ryan lee

    going camping with this truck will be too easy. plug in my stove, microwave, fridge, tv and a/c. lets gooo!

  • Jean Spitzner
    Jean Spitzner

    After I saw this F-150 lighting, I purchased 500 shares of FORD!!!

  • Jean Spitzner
    Jean Spitzner

    FORD F-150 is more practical than the cyber truck!

  • nobody1322

    Always been a Ram guy, but this truck has me sold. as for the cyber truck, I don't think its a very practical truck, maybe good for the moon or mars but not on earth.

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber

    They thought of everything but will it all work reliably. Only time will tell.

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber

    Ford sales will drop like rock this year because customers will wait a year for the electric version.

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber

    What about the weight of 4 passengers at 200 lbs each. Did they account for this extra weight. Ford has been changing the front and back lights for years and calling it a new model. Very lame on innovation.

  • Adam Doyle
    Adam Doyle

    Is there a long box version?

  • Johnson Jame
    Johnson Jame

    Even as a millionaire he puts quotes around affordable when talking about a 40k car

  • Arvid Lillsund
    Arvid Lillsund

    Totally not a truck person, but man I could see myself getting this. So much utility. If someone made a camper module for it... Then we're talking.

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • Justin

    Im new to the truck world and I like this alot lol, never wanted a truck until i moved to the mountains

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • Jonathan Elliott
    Jonathan Elliott

    can't wait to see people putting a lift on it 😂😂

  • Sid Arya
    Sid Arya

    I remember the launch event of the tesla truck and the days that followed with the heavy comparison/criticism of the F150. And Ford, what an amazing answer to that while the Tesla truck is still a concept. Competition does breed innovation

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • EastLakeWatch

    Add a full size RV camper then it’s a great vehicle for the retirees to see the whole country. I’m not going to buy the first version but willing to wait for a second version. BTW, I’m also a heavy F stock holder too.

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • Kurt

    F150 lighting

  • John

    Great no frills review. Too many guys doing these have poor production with shaky phone shots and the wind blowing. Great job!

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • Conquer Understanding
    Conquer Understanding

    Thank you! I need to get one!

    • Conquer Understanding
      Conquer Understanding

      @Marques brownlee Channel pinned heck yeah!

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp.

  • Jaja Jaja
    Jaja Jaja

    That nice but over yrs the battery will need to be replaced .

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six .

  • Grant Arnell
    Grant Arnell

    F-150 Lightning, for sure. Always been a huge F-150 fan, this just brings that to love to the latest and greatest auto tech has to give. Cybertruck is too gimmicky.

    • Marques brownlee Channel pinned
      Marques brownlee Channel pinned

      Congratulations you're among our winner today plus one ...two six two ..four ...nine four.. four eight ..six whatapp..