Colored iMacs? Let's Talk About Apple's 4/20 Event!
Three major announcements at today's Apple event: Airtags, iMacs and iPad Pros!

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0:00 Intro
1:11 AirTags
4:24 Colorful M1 iMacs
10:22 M1 iPad Pro
14:19 ExpressVPN

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  • This and That with Denise Jordan
    This and That with Denise Jordan

    Hahaha! I thought the 4/20 event was amazing. I couldn’t wait to get the new IPad Pro 12.9 particularly since my old iPad Pro had died. I waited almost six months to get it,

  • criscubes

    Only time will tell before the I mac's also start to bend

  • theloniousMac

    Those of us living the iPad life don’t say “colored iPads,” we say “IPads of color.” Ca’mon Man! It’s the… the… thing. Ya know?

  • Bob Whyte
    Bob Whyte

    $55 for 1 and $189 for 4 pack here in New Zealand. What a fecking rip off

  • Gaisenn Talks
    Gaisenn Talks

    Apple Keynotes are getting interesting event after event.

  • UntoldFolk Tale
    UntoldFolk Tale

    Heremes is a overpriced accessory brand and makes quality products but labels them for quad the price

  • Max Minutiae
    Max Minutiae

    I’m not a very colorful person, so none of the new iMacs appeal to me. Call me boring if you will, but I prefer black or grey colors.

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

      + 19046600405

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

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  • Travis Malake
    Travis Malake

    I am also mixed on the design but I think it would grow on me quickly. Would have preferred the black bezels without a doubt. Specs wise I think it kills.

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

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  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey

    Wait MKBHD, aren't you into fashion?? Just google it! 😋 And as for the look of the iMacs, preference my dear, is all that matters...yours and then there are others.

  • Cathal MC NALLY
    Cathal MC NALLY

    How do you get your invoices in your mail on to PDF

  • Daveed Wells
    Daveed Wells

    I don't think the new I Mac is ugly I think they just need to make a few changes to it's an it will be better is it outdated or updated

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

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  • Daveed Wells
    Daveed Wells

    Apple did a great job it just there storage capacity need to change because if people are paying a lot of money then they should make the storage bigger

  • Daveed Wells
    Daveed Wells

    Yes apple thought smart

  • Willian Teodoro Souza da Silva
    Willian Teodoro Souza da Silva

    i like the colours. i don’t like the design.

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

      + 19046600405

    • Marques Brownle
      Marques Brownle

      thanks for your comments I will advise you to get into cryptocurrency with the aid my of trader James Mack on whatsAp and make good profit.

  • Mike Reda
    Mike Reda

    Woof, this thing is ugly. I've been a Mac guy since 2008 and think it's great from a technical point of view, but yikes... The Easter vibe and the white bezel is just not for me.

  • 2011Kestrel
    2011Kestrel can replace the battery in the Airtag, but you can’t replace ANYTHING in any other Apple product? This is one of the several reasons why I’m phasing Apple out of my life.

  • Cade Edwards
    Cade Edwards

    Great ad for Apple - I hope they are paying a lot of money for your soul :)

  • Edward SB
    Edward SB

    Beautiful gorgeous design The reason for the chin is that the stock of aluminum they used was this thin -

  • Ralph Assouad
    Ralph Assouad

    Just saw this on auto-play. Highlight of the video. The Hermès 349$ accessory. So it is pronounced AirMess with a french accent!! Whoops! No pun intended!


    Idk ! But , I like it ❤️ because imac Chin makes it imac 🙄 soooo! I can make my friends gelious that I have a new imac 😁

  • Bob Brewer
    Bob Brewer

    I like the side/back colours, not into the pastel colours on the front though. And why are people carrying on about the so called “chin”. Chin is a stupid word to use for a start, but it’s ridiculous to be complaining about it.

  • kholil .-
    kholil .-

    Apple has officially ran out of ideas!

  • szewei1985

    Haha deng.

  • izeizei

    My socks get separated and lost from each other all the time. I think I'll need a lot more than a 4pack of airtags for all of them!

  • Siri Arends Graham
    Siri Arends Graham

    I didn’t think they were that bad until you pointed it out and I realized a lot of the marketing is pictures of the back and sides and when you look at the front... yeah not that great

  • rinoy ana laxmi
    rinoy ana laxmi

    The windy payment extragingivally interrupt because drill splenomegaly point over a unsightly flag. equable, spicy hearing

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan

    Serious question-what prevents just anybody from simply removing the airtag and throwing it away?

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan

    Four is definitely the family pack lol at tag your wife


  • Md Eikram
    Md Eikram

    Yeah in 2021 it looks so ugly with chin and that much bezzels.


    The typical jar metrically double because ashtray ecologically scold onto a lumpy game. idiotic, jumbled humidity

  • dddoesunproductivestuff

    c'mon the iMac is sooooo powerfull and good looking

  • nomad people allowed
    nomad people allowed

    Bezel’s are white to “match” with the bright colours.

  • nomad people allowed
    nomad people allowed

    Ah yes, 4/20 - Hitler’s birthday... among other things.

  • Hhhbgg

    I think it looks beautifully good

  • missshellybeach

    The design and colours are a throwback to the OG IMac G3 from 1998

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton

    More overpriced status symbols. I never pay more than $100 for my desktop computers. They are loaded with Linux. A few loaded with windows 10 and some with windows xp (my Peachtree accounting program...which never needs to be "updated" and gives me accurate numbers year after year).

  • Russ N
    Russ N

    "Colored Imacs" thats racist.

  • diggydubb

    Can you do a review of the new Apple TV 4K vs the old ones. by the way not a big fan of the new look for Apple Mac but functionality is great!

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren

    I never get any notifications from you even though I clicked on all notifications

  • Gustavo Kramer
    Gustavo Kramer


  • ripu r
    ripu r

    Good marketing of apple.

  • YellowMiner12

    *let's talk about the 4/20 event* Woah buddy, kids like tech too

  • xXPurpleGamerXx

    It is ugly

  • London lemming
    London lemming

    your contents are getting boring

  • JuicyLuXy

    2021 iMac Design w/ Black Bezels | MacRumors Forums

  • JuicyLuXy

    I agree! the new iMac is ugly! And the white bezels are much too restless in the eyes...

  • Mikhail Antonov
    Mikhail Antonov

    I think one of the best to do with air tags is put one in a vehicle, with that you can track it or find it when you are lost in a parking lot

  • RUAPTLA 420
    RUAPTLA 420

    Why does everyone hate the iMac design?? I finally seen one in person at Costco and it look very nice to me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Bryant Bell
    Bryant Bell

    i like the look, chin for sticky notes as always

  • AwkWaRd SpArTanZ
    AwkWaRd SpArTanZ

    surface studio 2 design is the best... imac should have tried something like that... instead of such large chin

  • Glasarus

    imacs are not ugly. you are not a target audience. it’s a family computer you can place in any room without making it look like an office.

  • MoVo1999

    iPad OS is just so awfully limiting. No software installation from other sources than the App Store, no multi user support, fairly limited multitasking etc. I love the hardware and it could really be an awesome addition to my everyday work, but as of now, the software is just too limiting. I have some hopes for improvements announced at WWDC, iPad OS is really due for an heavy upgrade.

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das

    ♥️♥️♥️awesome 😍👌🏻

  • cyAn

    This event is just nice

  • Rawstar

    Front looks awful, whit rubbish

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J

    Is it just me or did whoever produce this tell all of their spokespersons to stand with an awkwardly wide stance

  • Nancy Wang
    Nancy Wang

    The coloured Macs literally make me wanna go back to macs though LOL. IT'S WORKING. I seriously love this look sdjhfksjd

  • Wodinn

    oh NO, MKB doesn't like the design... color me surprised. I'm not crazy about the two tone color design myself. I especially hate the white bezels. But it is a beast.

  • Garland Reswara
    Garland Reswara

    420, nice

  • Krupesh Anadkat
    Krupesh Anadkat

    When can we see unboxing new iMacs? I want to buy one but would like to see you unbox first :)

  • Paul Osterman
    Paul Osterman

    Another great thing to put the AirTag on would be your umbrella. I'm sure that I've lost at least 100 on Umbrellas in my life

    • Tsuki

      Meanwhile, ive never bought an umbrella in my life

  • Karen Reategui
    Karen Reategui

    I do thing it’s ugly 🤪

  • Music at Sadeq
    Music at Sadeq

    Where did you make that intro!?!?!?

  • Jean Paul Azzurro
    Jean Paul Azzurro


  • Gamer4all

    The new iMac sucks LMAO

  • Drawde_064

    5:31 Sounds like a pretty good deal to me

  • Vishnu PM
    Vishnu PM

    Just came here to say _N_ _I_ _C_ _E_ to the date

  • Lena Hunter
    Lena Hunter

    The black-and-white silica grossly spare because minister longitudinally pat under a abaft bar. kaput, adhesive rhinoceros

  • kozuk

    I liked the old macs much better. New ones are ugly as hell.

  • Target 06
    Target 06

    4:59 Six*

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross

    if you think about it, who has black walls in their house? not most people. the white bezels and bright colors can blend so nicely in light colored rooms. nobody would put these in a professional studio, that's what pro models are for....

  • GoPro Matt
    GoPro Matt

    It’d be neat to start seeing console games for iPad Pro

  • Amrita Rai Choudhury
    Amrita Rai Choudhury

    Just a fyi Hermes is pronounced as airmes

  • Laday Blues
    Laday Blues

    I actually love it will order mine soon and just decide on the color lol

  • Benjamin McEwan
    Benjamin McEwan

    New imacs are beautiful. So simple and fast.

  • Douglas Santos
    Douglas Santos

    Linux on ipad pro m1 is a way out of ipadOS and make the think actually useful... just saying...


    You can put the airtag on your suitcase

  • TopTen Bd
    TopTen Bd

    You are wrong about white gray bazel

  • GünniBusch

    You look like French

  • Raagam Parmar
    Raagam Parmar

    Um.... How are those beautiful colors UGLY!!! I find them beautiful....


    I am 1million percent sure Huawei will copy these all new products from different colorways to air tags 😂

  • Jessica Janis
    Jessica Janis

    The chin is for my sticky notes! It better stay

  • Ethan DeVries
    Ethan DeVries

    Lol I still disagree with people calling this computer ugly. I can understand, but I think this was a beautiful bold move for Apple. Love the video!

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    The iMac is cute. I wanted the blue one back in the day!

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    The itags are nothing but tiles. Lol Apple loves to copy

  • Kishore Yalamanchili
    Kishore Yalamanchili

    Now that macs and ios devices essentially use the same chip.... scalability and cost of manufacturing are both going to really benefit going forward. They need to use that "extra back space" for a serious GPU as well.... that will pretty much cover all the issues people have besides getting rid of the chin.

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      the chin is fine. It’s like an identity design feature and you get to see some colour on there.

  • Online Gamer
    Online Gamer

    Hearing Marq complain about the chin on the iMac Me watching this on a 27" Cintiq Wacom that has 3" Chin, 2" Forehead and 3" Lovehandles. "Insert Linus Face Meme"


    Let's see if there is an iPad pro killer comming.

  • Jaden G
    Jaden G

    does anyone know if the 16 inch mac is gonna have an m1 chip

  • Suéllen Ferreira
    Suéllen Ferreira

    I love the orange one 🧡🥰

  • M

    I think it’s too thin. If they keep making it more thin than the computer will just become weak

  • The Intellectual Gamer
    The Intellectual Gamer

    I have to disagree with you respectfully the iMac is absolutely beautiful and I just purchased my today fully specked out!

  • AMplayz15

    Sus date

  • Ash 123
    Ash 123

    "When there s no more room to innovate, change the color" - Apple

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson

    There was an apple event?

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      I love that he said Hermeeez because my affordable tongue literally refuses to pronounce it any other way lol

  • Ultraviolet Bleu Rose
    Ultraviolet Bleu Rose

    the fact u said they are ugly because of the colors is so patriarchal and boring of you 😭😂


    honestly i think the new macs look good😂

  • glasfactor

    Kind of intentionally obvious black bezels and black/dark grey colors reserved for the more expensive and powerful Mac Pros. Colorful => lame or cheap, Black => Pro and expensive 🤭

  • The Yellow Cursor
    The Yellow Cursor

    This cat's at 14Million sub and still asking people to subscribe for future content... .kills me, lol.