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  • Andrew Pereda
    Andrew Pereda

    Ive always wanted a Hummer and was very sad when they went out of business. These new models look so awesome. and doing 0-60 in 3 seconds is freaking mind blowing. While i normally prefer trucks, the Hummer SUV looks like the one id prefer to purchase.

  • sam tran
    sam tran

    The puzzled hardhat hopefully cover because willow prominently collect qua a unarmed net. spotless, tired apparel

  • Nick Palutsis
    Nick Palutsis

    How did you avoid making an "It's over 9000!" pun

  • Darius Pummel
    Darius Pummel

    Hey Brownee! (ahaha) Nice to *meet* you Thanks!

  • Uchiha D. Valte
    Uchiha D. Valte

    Just Stop Talking And Show The Goods..... That's Enough, Stop Wasting A Couple Minutes

  • Divyaman Ramawat
    Divyaman Ramawat

    If you are zooming in on earbuds at-least clean it first

  • Mar Li
    Mar Li

    Ford killed Tesla with this truck.

  • UnknownVidsGaming


  • Shazad Mohammed
    Shazad Mohammed

    Wooooo wooooo woooo Marques the Twitta police, where can I sign up?

  • Thushar Nambeesan
    Thushar Nambeesan

    @1:32 the zoom out is not smooth , an it is making me mad 😬😖

  • Miguel dream channel
    Miguel dream channel

    my probook cant take 4k bc of my trash sky wifi

  • LiiZ MiilK
    LiiZ MiilK


  • LiiZ MiilK
    LiiZ MiilK


  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks

    Love that interior, the screens look a little obstructive but can’t really tell unless I sat in one.

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles

    That’s crazy. Bruh really said 7mbps; times really have changed.

  • Victor Soto
    Victor Soto

    The Moon rover (LRV) was first in Apollo 15, then in 16 and 17.

  • Will

    Even this has 1080p Iphone11?

  • Monarch

    The most uninformative video ever.

  • D I
    D I

    As consumers we do hold the power we do not have to buy their products and chose other products that allow us to repair and modify

  • Vojtěch Střílka
    Vojtěch Střílka

    dobrej HUMR <3

  • unknown profile
    unknown profile

    Im fine with the touch buttons, haptics can be good enough to replace real buttons now a days if done well enough, especially if a sharp clicking sound is added even if fake. i just think they should have ridges between them and raised symbols so you can feel for them better without looking, assuming of course the palm/graze rejection is good cause if not thats a deal breaker. Other then that maybe move them to more intuitive spots? like i feel like having the turn signals on the top of each yoke side where you would click with your thumbs would be better, or perhaps on the back of the yoke like touch sensitive paddle shifters but for signals, and maybe a double sided horn on top? might be even better then the middle since you just need to clench your thumbs. ...In short i guess im basically saying the yoke should extend upwards in little thumb pad controls and have the buttons there while leaving the top ridge empty to feed the wheel nicer. who knows though, chances are they tested that and found it less ergonomic then i think it is.

  • Pauliminator

    01:23 in Germany you cant drive anything over 3,5 tons with a normal drivers license XD

  • Tuxedo Turtle
    Tuxedo Turtle

    Amazing truck, but I would love a gas version:(

  • kkonsti

    This is just the F-150 in ugly and stupid

  • ABIRAL Khadka
    ABIRAL Khadka

    I'm only buying a new iPhone with no notch.

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    Indian here, I honestly never thought of your race as important. You make amazing, well-produced, humorous, and well-informed tech videos that I watch all the time. Inspiration for a lot of people out there, keep doing what you are doing, it is an example of not just a successful black man, but a successful person anyone can look up to.

  • Tuxedo Turtle
    Tuxedo Turtle

    5:57 my dads 2020 silverado trailboss has all of these storage spaces lol

  • Hector Daniel Ramírez Herrera
    Hector Daniel Ramírez Herrera

    Naming a brand after a terrible human being is just despicable. It is the same that naming the brand Hitler just because it is a world know the name. I'm offended as Colombian.

  • Joe Talaiver
    Joe Talaiver

    I really want to see this tech move into a platform like the Yukons. When they make that large scale family vehicle into EV I’m there for it.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooo!

    With that kind of weight I wonder what it's stopping distance is

  • OK ODT
    OK ODT

    The (1) in title looks like an error file, which was dublicated :D


    please tell me where to buy this phone in Canada, Ontario.

  • rallokkcaz

    "I'm the algorithmic guy" says the dude who wrote some shitty PHP that had nothing complicated besides SQL queries. He didn't write any of the modern shit FB uses day to date.

  • 0nerv9

    Was this recorded in a closet?

  • Nathaniel Mg
    Nathaniel Mg

    Is the iOS 15 beta worth it

  • Raz Origins
    Raz Origins

    Next car vid Marques: "THHHISSSS is the..."

  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava

    Hook a big fat diesel generator to this truck for long miles. Bye bye green energy.

  • rallokkcaz

    Honestly everything Mark is talking about with innovation is so fucking whack and simple minded. Your "simple" ideas worked 15 years ago but no longer mean anything to people that have lived as long as your platform. I feel like I lost braincells listening to his "predictions". There's too many variables for AR to feel like a "normal pair of glasses". He instantly ties it back to the Quest, trying to move his motives out of focus lol.

  • Chheangheng Seng
    Chheangheng Seng

    Should I get this as my first Noise cancelation headphone?

  • Tim Ho
    Tim Ho

    I can't wait now, let's go on sale soon! !


    I didn't realize how much of a sucker I am for this stuff until this very moment. I want this truck.

  • Adrian Carrillo
    Adrian Carrillo

    These electric hummers are so inaccessible to most people that this review just has me going "neat."

  • Jeb’s Mining and Shipping Company
    Jeb’s Mining and Shipping Company

    Ahhhhhhh Apollo 15 not Apollo 11


    Hi i am new.I got a galaxy S7 Lite with the AKG sound system,which found in cadillac escalade.Does the S7+ have it?

  • Illuvatar2k

    More FIAT cars. Waste of people's time and energy.

  • Jatin Yadav
    Jatin Yadav

    I am using oneplus buds. Should i go to these nothing ear 1?

  • Paul LeBon
    Paul LeBon

    I just bought one for $300 in perfect condition with 512GB.

  • ArianitOnline

    except the range, tesla has nothing compared to other manufacturers, not even the "cheaper" ones! bmw, mercedes, audi, vw, ford, hyundai, etc. are all doing better designs, better quality, better everything. and they are still being loyal to being a car instead of a tabled on 4 wheels! at this point tesla is a joke, hate it or like it, that's the reality. and what's the deal with no buttons at all!?!?! and no, I am not poor! if I can afford a bmw i4 or audi etron gt than I can afford this cheap plastic too!

  • Tazboy

    Yo that stache....u are following that dude from hardware unboxing?

  • DerrykWithaY

    The crab walk demo was unintentionally hilarious

  • Rohan Pedgaonkar
    Rohan Pedgaonkar

    Considering Apple follows its philosophy of "Create a problem and sell a solution", we'll get portless new iPhones.

  • MrSkyl1ne

    lol, at 4 tons it would require a commercial driver's license and a driving tracker clock for commercial vehicles when driving where I live. This thing will probably never (or at least rarely) see a European road.

  • Attila Veres
    Attila Veres

    If I'd have the money, I would buy one. I never was a huge car fan, or an SUV type, simply because of their environmental footprint, however in the EV era, I don't care anymore about fuel consumption or C emissions..

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos

    Why that weel form its realy stupid

  • NCH Music
    NCH Music

    Why would I buy this when I can get an Airpods pro for $100 new 😂

  • Galen Moore
    Galen Moore

    FJ three windshield wipers

  • Maple Chan
    Maple Chan

    Not overkill anymore man! 2021 4k default YES

  • Tejas Mahadev
    Tejas Mahadev

    the soulja boy of smartphones

  • Flo X
    Flo X

    elephant in the room still: range 🤷🏻‍♂️😅

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos

    Mercedes beat tesla with range

  • Alex Tsekot
    Alex Tsekot

    I'd imagine hitting a pedestrian with one of these going full tilt would just produce some red mist.

  • Seraphim401

    Tesla really forced traditional auto makers to change. Noble prize for Elon. Or at least person of the century.

  • Vertt Krut ТВ
    Vertt Krut ТВ


  • Vertt Krut ТВ
    Vertt Krut ТВ


  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos

    I dont like the inside of a tesla to minamalist for my taste

  • Solomon Imani
    Solomon Imani


  • allen ray
    allen ray

    Yeah nah imma stick with my XR why would i want to be forced to have to buy wireless headphones its obviously for the money

  • Saba Nov
    Saba Nov

    Fj cruiser has 3 wipers a while ago

  • Steve Daniw
    Steve Daniw

    I was to stoked at the new hummer EV but after seeing it in the SUV version and in metallic gray it actually looks pretty sick

  • Mckenzie Malik
    Mckenzie Malik

    I was just wondering... what’s the next hair style that he is going to choice? Is Marques gonna trim it off or braid what’s on top? lol

  • fneves

    You missed all the logos in the wheels besides the one in the center hub. It's a bit more stylized but it's definitely the H logo... That's 32 logos just from that.

  • Maria Erra
    Maria Erra

    Oh watching this makes me feel great when i just bought my iphone Xr this week..thanks for the review..and i agree..the battery is awesome!

  • Raj Ram
    Raj Ram

    I'm still waiting for that Subaru EV that they made with Toyota

  • Static

    Where can I get one of these?

  • TheUjjwalarora

    In Ear Monitor video? Like Tin-2, Tripowin TC-01, Blon-Bl03, A8.